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Always on track: highest hygiene standards

Our measures for your safety and well-being on board the SEA CLOUD CRUISES windjammer.

Precaution for operation under Covid-19 conditions

We will continuously adapt the following prevention and hygiene protocols to further developments.


Regular health checks of the crew

Before the first start of operations the crew undergoes a comprehensive health check and a Covid-19 test. Every crew member on board is vaccinated.


Reliable medical care on board

For the health management on board, a Health and Infection Officer is deployed in addition to the ship’s doctor. The whole crew will intensively be trained on board in advanced prevention and hygiene measures and the early detection of Covid-19 symptoms. Should a case of Covid-19 occur on board, the guest will receive medical care. Unless disembarkation takes place, the guest must isolate himself on board.


100% fresh air in cabins and public areas

Fresh air also means clean air. Each passenger cabin is supplied with fresh air directly from the outside. The ventilation is designed in such a way that the exhaust air cannot reach another passenger cabin. Public areas are also supplied with 100% fresh air, which is discharged directly to the outside.


Extensive technical hygiene equipment

The general rules of hygiene apply on board. The number of disinfectant dispensers on board has been significantly increased so that guests and staff can disinfect their hands at all important contact points.


Intensive cleaning/disinfection of the cabins and all public areas

A very high standard of hygiene applies to our fleet. Frequently touched surfaces such as door handles and stair railings are cleaned and disinfected with increased frequency. Cabin cleaning takes place twice a day. Before the arrival of new guests, all cabins/suites and all public areas are cleaned with a state-of-the-art disinfection process.

Stricter requirements due to entry regulations possible

Some countries that are visited as part of our cruises have stricter requirements that must then be complied with by all passengers. We will inform you accordingly during the booking process.


Waiver of mandatory vaccination and testing

Since 01/MAR/2023, the previously required proof of Covid-19 vaccination and the mandatory performance of an antigen test before embarkation no longer applies to all guests. However, to increase your own safety and that of your fellow passengers and the crew on board, we still recommend that you carry out the appropriate vaccination and antigen testing on your own before arrival.

If you are diagnosed with Covid-19 during the voyage, you must isolate yourself on board.


Exclusion policy

If you have a proven case of Covid-19, you are not allowed to go on board.


For the transatlantic trip (crossing) is required

a) proof of full vaccination protection by the Covid-19 vaccination certificate of the EU (QR-code) or a comparable proof for guests from outside the EU


b) a certified negative antigen test with earliest test date 2 days before embarkation. In exceptions, the antigen test can also be performed by qualified ship personnel before boarding the ship.


The latest measures for download
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