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Enjoy the best days of the year with a clear conscience and positive feeling: For more than 40 years, we have been pursuing the principle of sustainable tourism. Traveling with a small number of guests creates space for great things. Meeting people at eye-level in the countries you visit, experiencing cultures, appreciating regional values and creating added value for the
region. This is pointing the way ahead because it is in keeping with the times. Because we are firmly convinced that traveling in harmony with nature is possible and necessary.

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Since 01/MAR/2023, the previously required proof of Covid-19 vaccination and the mandatory performance of an antigen test before embarkation no longer applies to all guests. However, to increase your own safety and that of your fellow passengers and the crew on board, we still recommend that you carry out the appropriate vaccination and antigen testing on your own before arrival. If you have a proven case of Covid-19, you are not allowed to go on board. In the event that you are diagnosed with Covid-19 during the voyage, you must isolate yourself on board.

You can read all details about our Covid-19 regulations here.


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